In 1966, historian James H. Gray conducted 18 interviews (for a total of 24 hours) for his “Great Depression on the Prairies” project. Here are some excerpts from that exceptional collection, held today at the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan.

Baden Campbell was an agrologist in the Canada Department of Agriculture. He spent time stationed at the Swift Current Research Station.

P. Janzen worked at the Canadian Department of Agriculture’s Swift Current Research Station.

L. E. Kirk had a career in agronomy that took him from the University of Saskatchewan, to the Canadian government (where he worked through much of the 1930s), back to the University, and then to the United Nations.

Gideon Matte was in the 1930s Commissioner of the Northern Settlers Re-Establishment Branch under Saskatchewan’s Department of Municipal Affairs.

R. Painter was an entomologist with the Canadian federal government. He was heavily involved in fighting grasshopper outbreaks.

Asael Palmer spent much of his career at the Canadian Department of Agriculture’s Lethbridge Experimental Station. He was a specialist in dry land farming.